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Limited Edition


Limited Edition Corals © All Rights Reserved.

30 Gallon Lagoon/ Sea Horse Aquarium

  • Glass Aquarium With Black background & Stand
  • Kessil A 150W 15K Lighting
  • Over-sized Fluval Canister Filter
  • Aqua Ultraviolet 20w UV Sterilizer
  • Lighting Timer
  • Sugar Sand Substrate
  • Live Rock and Macro Algaes Included
Complete Setup:$850
Optional Delivery & Installation (Includes Water): $200
Featured Items 

Used Equipment

Looking for used equipment? L.E. Corals Has you covered whether you are looking for used lighting, pumps, or aquarium setups we've got what your looking for.

55 Gallon Dream Reef Aquarium

  • 100% Acrylic Aquarium With Black background and built in overflow
  • 15 gallon custom glass sump complete with ASM protein skimmer and return pump
  • 55 pounds of fully cured live rock
  • 40 pounds of live sand
  • 2 new in box Korallia Power Heads
  • High Power LED Lighting Capable of Growing All Varieties Of Corals

Aquarium Setup Without LED Lighting $600

LED Lighting Add $200

       Optional Delivery & Installation (Includes Water): $200